Seabrook Auditorium

Fayetteville State University’s Seabrook Auditorium was experiencing frequent leaks due to a deteriorated JP Stevens roof membrane. After several failed attempts to patch and apply coatings over the existing membrane, it was determined by the school that the roof was well beyond its serviceable life. Raymond was retained by the university to perform an evaluation of the existing roof system. After our evaluation, we confirmed the university’s determination that the roof required replacement. In addition to this, our team identified that the stone coping on top of the auditorium parapet was spalled in multiple locations and there was a need for secondary drainage as well as new roof access maintenance ladders.

Client: Fayetteville State University
Location: Fayetteville, NC
Size: 22,755 SF
Services Provided:

  • Roof Replacement Design
  • Building Envelope Testing
  • QA/QC
  • Project Management


Our Value Add

Our design schedule was condensed in order to meet client deadlines. Our team worked diligently to achieve the required deadline, while ensuring customer service remained the priority.

The existing fire rating system had to be evaluated. Our team ensured that the fire rating was maintained with the new system installation. Further, we designed a new roof system that will provide adequate insulation, durability and water resistance, which will lead to future savings in energy costs.

Our design included the addition of roof access ladders so that all roof areas could be easily maintained in the future. Our team also indicated areas in which the auditorium would be accessed and planned our design to ensure these areas would not be blocked by roof access points. Our aesthetically pleasing solution to the spalled concrete promoted cost savings to the owner. Additionally, our design of the curb flashings ensured they would not be moved during construction.