Professional Development

Raymond believes in mentoring junior engineers and architects to be setup for long-term success.

Our constantly evolving mentorship and training programs are designed to pair junior employees to senior professionals to share lessons learned, best practices, and experience. Success is driving consistency, quality, and excellent in our entire team.


Starting with new employee orientation, we drive training and development from Day 1.

Mentorship Program

Raymond believes it is vital to retain and continue to facilitate the growth of our employees by augmenting the existing tools and skills they have in order for them to continue to be successful. For every new employee, we implement a mentor program which serves as a formal relationship between designated mentors and mentees for one calendar year. Our objectives in this program are:

  • Help participants identify and achieve career development and personal growth goals that support business objectives

  • Support building a bench of leaders who have knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Foster higher levels of engagement and career vision

  • Equip participants with the tools necessary to perform to their highest capability

  • Create opportunities to meet and partner with others of different job titles, descriptions or cultural boundaries

  • Create a culture that sees mentorship as an effective way of developing individuals