Resolute Forest Products

Since 1984, Raymond has assisted Resolute Forest Products (RFP) in their asset management initiatives by periodically assessing and documenting the conditions of more than 117 roof areas at their Calhoun, TN site. Raymond has assisted RFP in executing multiple building envelope and re-roofing projects on their campus. Our services have consisted of building envelope, asset management, evaluation, design, and construction administration services.

Client: Resolute Forest Products
Location: Calhoun, TN
Size: 721,000 SF
Services Provided:

  • Building Envelope Testing / Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Roof Replacement Design
  • Construction Administration
  • Project Management


Unique Challenges

Due to corrosion and deterioration of steel purlins that supported the precast concrete channel slabs, many of our reroofing projects have involved the replacement of the steel purlins and the roof decks. Several of these replacement projects were located above operating paper machines. Our team specified the use of a temporary ceiling over the machines in order to protect RFP personnel and to maintain paper production.

Because the project site is a working paper mill, our team has effectively communicated with RFP staff to ensure paper production has never been shut down during construction.

Our Value Add

Our durable roof membrane and drainage designs have resisted the harsh paper mill environment thus giving RFP long lasting roofs and walls thus promoting a significant cost savings to plant operations.

Our record keeping of projects since 1984 and our continuity of personnel assigned to handle projects at RFP have provided great value to RFP as members of their engineering staff have changed during the past thirty-six years. We continue to provide building envelope designs and expert advice to RFP and plan to assist RFP for many more years.