IRS Parking Garage

The IRS parking deck, constructed in 1998, is a three-level cast-in-place (CIP) concrete parking structure that consists of slab on grade with two elevated post-tension (PT) concrete slabs. The post-tension cantilevered deck system on the 2nd and 3rd levels failed making significant portions of the deck unavailable for use by employees. Raymond was retained by GSA-Region 4 to serve as the Construction Manager for the repair work.

Client: General Services Administration (GSA)
Location: Chamblee, GA
Size: 86,636 SF
Services Provided:

  • Construction Management
  • Site Inspections
  • Weekly / Monthly Reviews


Unique Challenges

Keeping the parking deck operational during the project was the most significant challenge. As the nation’s call center for all tax-related questions, Raymond had to work closely with the GSA and the IRS to develop and implement a phased schedule for the work.

Our Value Add

Over the course of the project, several change orders had to be issued. In each instance, Raymond worked on the client’s behalf to negotiate lower prices or more cost-efficient solutions than those suggested by the contractor. By doing this, our team saved the client approximately $175,000.

Additionally, Raymond recommended that the client upgrade their lighting system to more energy efficient LED lights which also resulted in cost savings for the client.