Port Infrastructure and Equipment

Raymond is one of the Nigel Nixon Partners (NNP), an independent company of Maritime Consulting Engineers that has been providing Port and Railway expertise to Port Authorities, Operators, Governments and Financial Instituions since 1979. Together, NNP and Raymond offer a breadth of services related to Port Infrastructure and Equipment, including:

      • Crane Assessments and Procurement
      • Terminal Planning
      • Due Diligence

We aim to keep your operations up and running.

Crane Assessments & Procurement

Our Port Engineers are experts in cargo movement technology. We provide crane assessments relative to maintenance and operations, physical equipment conditions, and traffic productivity. Our equipment surveys assesses the structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and accessibility elements of the crane. Once we understand the state of the equipment and its productivity, we can develop a strategy to maximize your equipment output based on the traffic forecast and the operating objectives. Once a strategy is in place, we can support in developing specifications, providing solicitation assistance, installation management and commissioning. As a part of Commissioning, we support owners and operators with training, project control, and warranty visits.

Our crane services include:

  • • Assessment
  • • Maintenance
  • • Structural Analysis
  • • Design
  • • Refurbishment
  • • Modification
  • • Procurement

Terminal Planning

Our Senior Planners are all former terminal operations managers and port engineers. Over the years we have developed an in-house database of operational Key Performance Indicators that allows us to plan with precise outcomes in mind. We have developed in-house simulation models of the various components of the port systems, including the marine terminals, intermodal yards and rail systems, which allows us to see bottlenecks and maximize throughput.

Our Port Terminal Planning expertise encompasses:

  • • Operational due diligence
  • • Yard extensions and densification
  • • Terminal Management
  • • Market Studies
  • • Port Terminal planning
  • • Dry port planning
  • • Rail intermodal platform planning
  • • Equipment procurement
  • • Terminal Operating System

Due Diligence

We offer a broad spectrum of expert consultancy services ranging from conception to construction and operation of port development projects. The scope of these services covers:

Commercial Due Diligence
  • • Market Intelligence
  • • Market Studies
  • • Benchmarking
  • • Competition Analysis
  • • Trade Forecasts & Flow Analysis
  • • Industry Insights
  • • Regulatory & legislative review

Strategic Advice
  • • Acquisition Assessment
  • • Site Identification & Assessment
  • • Master & Business planning
  • • Feasibility Studies
  • • Post-Transaction Advice

Technical Due Diligence
  • • CAPEX Due Diligence: Condition Assessment
  • • Capacity analysis
  • • Development plan
  • • Risk analysis
  • • OPEX Due Diligence: Operational modeling
  • • Risk analysis

Port Development and Technical Services
  • • Reviewing Operational Layouts, Engineering Drawings and Specifications
  • • Construction/Project Reviews/Audits for Employers and Contractors
  • • Technical and Operational Due Diligence Studies for Port Owners and Lending Institutions
  • • Port planning for general cargo and container ports
  • • Technical and due diligence reviews for lending institutions and port operators
  • • Reviewing operational layouts, engineering drawings and specifications
  • • Project start-up on behalf of the Client in selection of consultants, preparation of design briefs etc
  • • Specialist in container terminal developments in quay construction and heavy-duty pavements
  • • Preparation and reviewing the civil works design briefs for port projects
  • • Peer review the Consultants documentation for tender documents in particular assisting in preparation of the Employer’s Requirements, definition and illustrative drawings for D&C tenders
  • • Review and prepare pre-qualification and evaluation documents for selection of Contractors
  • • Assist in the evaluation of Tenders and negotiations with Tenderers
  • • Checking all the award documentation to make sure that everything is covered
  • • During construction, provide advices on construction and assist in resolving disputes.
  • • Project Management services
  • • Conducting Port Engineer training courses/seminars