Mauldin High School

Through an Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) with Greenville County Public Schools, Raymond provided a complete building envelope renovation for Mauldin High School. Services included a comprehensive building envelope evaluation followed by spray rack testing at six curtain wall systems. The Raymond Team also performed the roof replacement design and oversaw the reinstallation of windows at the previously tested curtain walls. Construction administration and QA/QC services were also performed during the construction phase of this project.
  • Client: Greenville County Public Schools
  • Location: Mauldin, SC
  • Size: 10,000 SF
  • Services Provided:
  • • Building Envelope Design
  • • Roof Replacement Design
  • • Testing
  • • QA/QC
  • • Construction Administration
  • • Project Management


Unique Challenges

Spray rack testing of the curtain walls did require working around building columns that restricted access (in some cases). Raymond worked to ensure all testing procedures were properly administered without damage to the existing or new windows (due to constrained access).

Our Value Add

As the building envelope architectural and engineering (A/E) service provider, Raymond has provided timely and immediate service to Greenville County Public Schools. Our team’s experience working with the owner has allowed us to provide best-in-value support on a consistent basis and with rapid turnaround times.

Our team has been able to correctly support and staff the multiple project phases and apply best practices to each phase. For example, during the bid phase, our team leveraged multiple lessons learned from numerous projects where Raymond hosted the bidding process and consistently identified the best contractor.