Asset Management

Our approach is to treat your facilities the way we would treat our own, with an emphasis on correct maintenance today to extend the facility's lifespan long-term. We understand that there is a significant investment in constructing a new facility or rehabilitating an existing one and you need to maximize your financial return on investment. Using the Veritas Platform, we provide proactive, transparent, and easy to use information right at your fingertips.

Raymond has provided asset management services since 1992, generating significant cost savings to our customers across millions of square feet of facilities.

The Veritas Platform

Raymond uses the Veritas roof asset management platform for it's numerous advantages to our customers:

  • • Efficient iPad data collection
  • • Intuitive user interfaces
  • • Web-accessible platform from desktop or mobile
  • • One stop data repository for CDs, as-builts, specifications, and warranties
  • • GIS interface for showing Condition Indices, Remaining Service Life, Defects, and Leaks
  • • Report exports
  • • Security and user permissions